Winston-Salem skyscrapersInsight Human Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) accredited non-profit providing substance abuse and mental health services in more than 50 counties across North Carolina. Our corporate offices are located in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem.

Insight was founded in Winston-Salem in 1974 as the Council on Drug Abuse, or CODA, to address the rising drug abuse problem in Forsyth County. In 1986 the Board of Directors changed our name to STEP ONE, Inc. At the time STEP ONE was the first substance abuse agency in North Carolina to provide child care for clients.  In 1995 we expanded services to Hispanic clients, and we added Justice Services as well as Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC) in 1999. As we evolved into prevention and expanded treatment programs offered, we became Partnership for a Drug-Free NC in 2003.

Group in Counseling SessionBoard members and employees desired an opportunity to focus on the well-rounded and unique approach we have to prevention, intervention and treatment, so in 2015 we re-branded as Insight Human Services with an emphasis on collaboration, stability, quality and integrity. Clients and stakeholders alike will experience a passionate commitment to client wellness, diverse and multi-skilled staff and forward-thinking, responsible leadership.

Insight is CARF accredited and receives funding from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the United Way of Forsyth County, among others.


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