Courtroom detailInsight Human Services’s Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC) offers community-based treatment for substance abusing and mentally ill offenders who would otherwise burden the justice system with repeat offenses.

TASC provides behavioral health services as an effective bridge between two separate institutions: justice and treatment. The justice system’s legal sanctions reflect the community’s concern for public safety. The treatment community emphasizes therapeutic relationships as a means for changing behavior and reducing the personal suffering associated with substance abuse and mental illness.


We bridge the gap between justice and treatment to permanently interrupt the negative cycles associated with addiction.

Last year Insight served more than 10,000 people in TASC with more than six out of 10 clients successfully completing his or her program. Of those 6,000 TASC graduates, fewer than 600 were re-arrested.  We know treatment works, even for high risk offenders. TASC offers these offenders a comprehensive approach to care through assistance with education, creation of job skills and access to medical care.



TASC provides:

  • Clinical Assessment of an offender’s appropriateness for substance abuse or mental health services. Consideration is given to current and past use/abuse of alcohol and other drugs; justice system involvement; and medical, family, social, education, employment and treatment histories.
  • Treatment Matching so that the offender is placed in the correct level of care and intensity.
  • Referral to appropriate service providers based on the needs and choices of the offender.
  • Care Management of the offender through reporting protocols, urine monitoring and individualized service planning to ensure compliance with criminal justice conditions and treatment requirements. The process of care management is continuous and includes planning, linking, advocating, monitoring, reporting and ongoing assessment of the offender’s progress in TASC and treatment to ensure effective and efficient utilization of treatment resources.



“I think in some ways the program has helped me deal with life better. I no longer want to be high. Since I have been in the program, I have been proud of myself for staying clean. It’s a long, hard road, but I got through it with the help of others.” – TASC Client