Medical Assisted Therapy

Medication Assisted Treatment/Therapy

Our goal at Insight is to help you achieve and maintain a substance abuse-free life. Addiction is a complex disease that changes the way the brain works. We know stopping substance misuse can be especially challenging for you, especially if you battle a chemical addiction.

Insight’s treatment programs are accredited and licensed to provide medication assisted therapies that are under the care of medical practitioners that can provide medication as a part of the treatment services. These medications may include Methadone, buprenorphine (Suboxone) for opioid use disorders and other medications that may be used to treat other substance misuse conditions. All medications are prescribed based on each person’s individual needs. These medications can help you medically and emotionally, so you can stop misusing prescription and/or illegal drugs.

At our Winston-Salem location, we offer both long-term detoxification and maintenance therapy – depending on which is appropriate for you.

We give priority admission if you are pregnant, an intravenous drug user, are at risk of HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis (TB), or have opioid management treatment needs.