Treatment with Housing

Begin Again Treatment Services (BATS) is part of a community-based service that includes treatment, transportation, and housing.

Insight believes you can make positive choices with the support of family members, caregivers, and your community. Recovery can begin when you admit you have a problem and are willing to make changes.

Recovery begins with an initial meeting to talk about your physical, mental, and social needs. After that, you will talk to a counselor and develop and a treatment plan that’s specific to you.

BATS utilizes certified peer support specialists to work with you by offering support from those with lived experience in recovery. The program provides transportation to your appointments at Insight and to other medical appointments. You may also receive temporary housing, food, and recovery support services. A typical BATS participant is enrolled for 90 days, and then we help you make aftercare plans for future treatment options.

BATS gives priority to you if you are returning to the community from a state hospital, detox program, or another institution, including prison.

We give priority admission if you are pregnant, an intravenous drug user, are at risk of HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis (TB), or have opioid management treatment needs.

“BATS was a big part of my addiction recovery.”