We offer a range of services for teens and adults.

They include:

  • evidenced-based treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment
  • residential and outpatient treatment
  • ambulatory detoxification
  • clinical assessments
  • group, family, and individual counseling
  • recovery education


Medication-Assisted Treatment >

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a substance abuse-free life. We know this can be especially challenging for you, especially if you battle an addiction to opioids (heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc.).

Insight is an accredited facility allowed to provide medications that can help you medically and emotionally, so you can stop misusing prescription or illegal drugs.

Adolescent Programs >

Women’s Recovery Center >

Treatment with Housing (BATS) >

We have special programs for adolescents and women to address their specific needs and provide a safe place for health and recovery. We also have programs that can help with housing and transportation.


Residential Treatment Programs >

Residential treatment allows you to focus solely on your substance misuse and mental health recovery without distraction from some of life’s stressors. By living on campus, you can be monitored and supported by staff 24 hours a day.

Insight’s residential treatment programs can be found at the Robert S. Swain Recovery Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina, within the beautiful campus of the Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center. Swain is not a locked facility. All clients are at Swain by choice.


Outpatient Treatment Programs >

Periodic group, individual and family counseling services provide support to persons seeking recovery. Our counselors are trained in providing substance abuse-specific treatment utilizing several evidence-based approaches including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma therapy and others.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment >

Individual and group activities are the focal point of this program. We work on assisting you to begin recovery and learn the skills you will need to stay on your new healthy path.

You will meet three days a week, individually and with a group, as we focus on recovery stabilization. This program is designed to provide intensive services and allow you to stay at home and not miss work as you begin your recovery journey.

Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment >

This program allows for structure and support, so you can achieve and maintain your path to wellness and recovery. We emphasize reducing or eliminating your harmful use of substances, stabilizing mental illness symptoms, and we help you develop a healthy social network.

Insight’s counselors can also help address lifestyle changes and help you focus on developing educational or work skills and improving your family situation if these are goals you would like to set.

You will meet up to five days a week, including individual and group counseling. This program is designed to help people who have recently been discharged from a hospital or crisis center, or to prevent hospitalization due to substance misuse issues or severe symptoms of mental illness.

We give priority admission if you are pregnant, an intravenous drug user, are at risk of HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis (TB), or have opioid management treatment needs.