Teacher Helping Male Teenage Pupil In ClassAddressing a teen’s struggle with substance abuse means understanding the emotional, developmental, physical, psychological, familial, social and cultural factors involved in their addiction.

Insight offers an array of programs and services, including residential and outpatient, for teens needing help with substance abuse or mental illness.

As part of our work with substance abuse, we make every effort to help our clients develop the decision-making capabilities and emotional intelligence to navigate life without using drugs.


Insight’s adolescent treatment services are effective in breaking the cycle of abuse and addiction.

We place primary emphasis on the uniqueness of the individual and challenge adolescent clients to make thoughtful decisions for themselves. At Insight we believe that addiction is a condition affecting all areas of life, including work, relationships, spirituality, mood and self-esteem. Teens will receive hope, guidance and support to help them make more positive, healthier choices.

Priority admissions include: pregnant and parenting women, injection drug users, individuals with HIV/AIDS, and individuals with tuberculosis (TB). Admission to the program begins with a health screening followed by a comprehensive assessment of biological, psychological and social needs. Following the assessment, the client (and his/her guardian where applicable) meets with a counselor to develop a treatment plan to address the needs identified.

Programs for adolescents include elements of individual and group counseling and substance abuse and mental health services.

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Insight’s Robert. S. Swain Recovery Center, located in Black Mountain, NC,  offers intensive residential care for 90 days. Swain Recovery Center has an intergenerational recovery community that enables residents of all ages to learn from each other’s life experiences.

Our services at Swain include individual, group and family therapy, recreational therapy and the opportunity to stay current in school thanks to an in-house educational program with a licensed teacher.

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Winston-Salem, Outpatient

Walnut Cove, Outpatient

Reidsville, Outpatient

Black Mountain (Swain Recovery Center), Residential

Even if you are not conveniently located near one of our treatment facilities, Insight can make a referral to a location nearer to you.