Insight’s residential treatment programs can be found at the Robert S. Swain Recovery Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Our facility is nestled within in the beautiful campus of the Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center.

For more than 20 years Swain has served teens struggling with substance misuse and mental health disorders.

Insight’s program at Swain is one of only a handful in the nation that serves men and women as well as adults and teens. We believe it is within this distinctive blend of clients that a healing occurs.


This environment promotes healing of the mind, body and spirit for teens seeking recovery.


Our 90 day program utilizes evidence-based treatment for adolescents. It is centered around the Seven Challenges, and the objective is to help our clients learn how to make thoughtful decisions.

Residential treatment allows individuals to focus solely on their substance use and mental health issues, without distraction from some of life’s stressors. By living on campus, clients can be monitored and supported by staff 24-hours-a-day.

Swain is not a locked facility. All clients are at Swain by choice.

  • Biological, psychological and social evaluations
  • Psychiatric care to stabilize underlying any mental illness
  • Family education, family therapy and multi-family group therapy
  • Daily group therapy, gender specific groups
  • Education classes, discussions and presentations
  • Expressive Arts, Nature and Recreation Therapy
  • Exposure to the 12 Step self-help recovery programs
  • Evidenced-based practices like the Seven Challenges
  • Referral to aftercare services and follow up after discharge

Swain Recovery Center is a voluntary, confidential program based on a comprehensive clinical assessment. We have the capacity to serve 18 adults and four adolescents, male and female.

Within that scope we give special priority admissions to pregnant women, IV drug users and individuals who are HIV positive. We also serve individuals with dual/multiple diagnosis and criminal justice needs.

We serve adolescents with residence anywhere in North Carolina and adults with residency in the Western part of our state.

Individuals outside of these areas are still welcome at Swain Recovery Center on a private-pay basis.

In conjunction with a local school system, we have an in-house educational program with a licensed teacher. Our adolescent clients spend approximately 10 hours in school each week as they attempt to rejoin the educational process.

Students who are at least 16 years old may choose to work towards their GED and may successfully attain their degree while at Swain. On average, in the 90 days while students are at Swain, their reading comprehension scores increase several grade levels.

Our supervision of the clients and client care is tailored to helping individuals feel safe and respected. We follow state staffing laws to ensure that adolescents are carefully monitored while in our care.

Swain Recovery Center receives funding from state, local and private funding sources. The client’s financial responsibility may be determined by a sliding scale. If a client lives outside of our catchment area, a sliding scale is available for first-party payment of services.

For more information on financial obligations, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To contact Swain directly, you may call (828) 669-4161.