_MG_5392Insight believes individuals are capable of making positive choices and acting responsibly with the involvement and support of family members, care givers and others in the community. Recovery can begin when you are willing to admit you have a problem, and when you are willing to make changes.

Insight offers adults specialized residential and outpatient services, depending on client need and gender.

Treatment focuses on the whole person.

Our goal is to treat chemically dependent people by helping them to acknowledge, accept and understand their relationship with the disease, to enhance their self-image, and to assist them in returning to a substance abuse-free life.

Our counselors are trained in evidenced-based practices that include Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Seven Challenges and the Matrix Model. These approaches are effective in helping people regain control of their lives.

Priority admissions include: pregnant and parenting women, injection drug users, individuals with HIV/AIDS, and individuals with tuberculosis. Admission to the program begins with a health screening followed by a comprehensive assessment of biological, psychological and social needs. Following the assessment, the client meets with a counselor to develop a treatment plan to address the needs identified.

Options for treatment are reviewed, and together the counselor and client select the best match for success. Programs include medication-assisted treatment, substance abuse comprehensive outpatient program, substance abuse intensive outpatient program, outpatient individual and group treatment, family counseling and psychiatric services.

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Specialized residential care for men and women can be found at our Robert S. Swain Recovery Center in Asheville, NC.  Swain is one of the few campuses in the nation that treats both genders across generations, and therefore provides an invaluable recovery community.

Adults receive intensive residential care for 42 days emphasizing a combination of talk therapy, recreational therapy and expressive arts therapy.

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Winston-Salem, Outpatient

Reidsville, Outpatient

Black Mountain (Swain Recovery Center), Residential

Asheville (Women’s Recovery Center), Outpatient

Even if you are not conveniently located near one of our treatment facilities, Insight can make a referral to a location nearer to you.