Insight Human Services offers treatment for adult and adolescent men and women at various locations.

Located in Asheville, the Women’s Recovery Center provides treatment for adolescent and adult women who are battling issues of substance use or mental illness.

In accordance with 45 CFR §96.131 Treatment Services for Pregnant Women of the Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Block Grant, pregnant women are given preference in admissions to this program/facility.  Priority admission is as follows: (1) pregnant women using substances intravenously, (2) pregnant women with a substance use disorder, (3) women using substances intravenously, (4) all others.

We offer a comprehensive substance use outpatient treatment program for women, including specialized services for pregnant and postpartum mothers who are parenting or seeking custody.

We believe women are different. Therefore, gender-specific treatment targeting those differences is important. At the heart of our services is understanding how early trauma and adversity are the underpinnings or substance abuse disorders. In a 10-year study of women and girls who abuse substances, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse discovered that females abuse drugs for different reasons than males, and they have different barriers to treatment.

We offer women a safe place to find their path of recovery.

Insight’s Women Recovery Center is focused on supporting women in early recovery through interventions aimed at:

  • identifying relapse triggers
  • providing ongoing attention to relapse prevention plans
  • learning to identify, stabilize, and express emotion in a healthy way
  • improving physical health through emphasis on proper eating, exercise, and sleep
  • reinforcing abstinence from mood-altering substances
  • developing and retaining cognitive abilities
  • regaining comprehension and attention span
  • exploring and discussion spiritual beliefs
  • developing healthy connections and a recovery network
  • finding joy in recovery!

Clients at Insight’s Women’s Recovery Center have expressed overwhelming success and satisfaction with their treatment and the results after. Nearly 80% said they had increased their knowledge about risks and long term effects of substance use/abuse and the recovery process, and almost 90% said they would return if they needed help again.

Insight’s clinicians are passionate about women’s issues and committed to trauma-informed, gender specific services.

ID-10029114Perinatal Health Partners is committed to providing substance abuse services to adult and adolescent women who are pregnant, parenting or seeking custody of dependent children. Perinatal Health Partners is the only program offering evidence-based substance abuse treatment to the perinatal population in the Asheville area. Part of our mission is to work with women who are hard to reach and lack accessibility for traditional treatment. PHP seeks to assist mothers and infants with forming secure attachments as well as creating and sustaining the mother-baby dyad.

Our services include:

  • comprehensive behavioral health assessment
  • individualized treatment planning
  • individual and group counseling
  • intensive case management
  • psychiatric evaluation
  • medication monitoring
  • crisis intervention
  • support for women in accessing needed services for themselves and their children

Perinatal Health Partners’ primary goals are to help reduce drug and alcohol use among pregnant and parenting adolescent and adult women; to improve birth outcomes among pregnant women who are using drugs and alcohol; and to reduce the long-term negative effects of perinatal substance abuse exposure in the children of the women with whom we work.

iStock_000021918021SmallPathways of Change is comprehensive substance use outpatient treatment program offers affordable care to adult women. It is designed for women who do not need inpatient care but who need and desire a more intensive program than periodic outpatient counseling.

Our treatment program runs for approximately 12 to 14 weeks and meets Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. We provide trauma-informed care.

Program components include:

  • 24/7 crisis support
  • Access to a psychiatrist
  • Life Skills
  • Group therapy and individual therapy
  • Stress management
  • Crisis contingency planning
  • Family counseling, training, or support
  • Art and movement therapy for disease management
  • Therapeutic drug screening
  • Discharge planning and aftercare

Pathways of Change was designed based on the fact women desire a safe place to explore and address their biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs for recovery. We support women in their beginning journey of recovery by aiding them in maintaining a three-month period of abstinence from mood-altering substances.